Introducing The Queen’s Guard: A New Direction

Happy Thanksgiving and a very happy holidays to all of you today. This morning as I prepare to feast on the most wonderful meal of the year, I decided I should drop some very exciting news about a new venture that I have been working on. 

Now, Scoop n’ Score hasn’t been in operation for very long, and I wish I was able to post more content on a regular basis. However, with everything going on in life, and the amount of time I spend writing for At the Hive, it wasn’t feasible for me to maintain this in the way that I wanted to. I’m hoping to change that in a major way today!

I’m very proud to announce that with the help of Dylan Jackson (@JaxonNBA), Josh George (@Ballsohard_Josh), Chase Pletcher (@Chasepletcher4), and of course myself, (@Stephenstweets_), we are starting The Queen’s Guard (The QG), a Charlotte sports blog. Here at The QG our goal is simple, provide all Charlotte sports fans with content and coverage from the fans viewpoint. 

To start off, this site will mainly focus on the Charlotte Hornets and Carolina Panthers. As we grow we will look at adding other relevant Carolina sports. Whether it be the Carolina Hurricanes, college athletics, or even our minor league baseball team the Charlotte Knights. We want this to be a place where ALL of Charlotte sports fan can one day gather to find and discuss their favorite teams.

Our aim is to provide you all with articles that provide relevant updates, game previews and reviews. At some point I want to even add a forum for day to day discussion. We will even be live tweeting games from our twitter account @TheQGB to be able to get live fan reaction and communicate with all of Charlotte sports nation while our teams play.

We look forward to what’s to come and can’t wait to share this journey with you!

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