Marc Gasol is Available, Should we be Intrigued?

It’s official. Woj tweeted out that the Memphis Grizzlies are looking to trade veteran stars, Michael Conley and Marc Gasol. Signaling the end of an era for the Grizz. The Hornets are a logical trade partner for the Grizzlies. We obviously have Kemba Walker so odds are it wouldn’t be for Conley. But, the Hornets trading for Gasol could be something to keep an eye on. Let’s take a look.

This isn’t peak Gasol anymore, I think we all realize that. He’s no longer the defensive player of the year guy that he once was. However, he’s a definite upgrade over what the Hornets currently have at center. Gasol is averaging 15.3 points, 8.5 rebounds, and a career-high 4.7 assists per game. He’d be a significant upgrade on the defensive end for a team that has very few good defensive players. He’d be a real second option for Kemba and would add much needed play-making to the squad.

Additionally, he’d give us a real stretch five option. He’s shooting over 35% from three on around four attempts a game. There is no doubt that Gasol is old but he would instantly improve the Hornets on both ends of the court. The Hornets aren’t looking to trade Kemba so they need to make a move to get better. This could be the one.

Now, let’s look at a potential deal for Gasol:

This would be the ideal one. Batum and a first rounder for Gasol. Maybe add Dwayne Bacon or Frank Kaminsky if they fancy either one. Either deal would work. We’d get off Batum’s horrible deal and receive a good player in Gasol. Losing the first rounder would hurt but that’s the price to improve and getting off Batum’s deal would be amazing. Gasol’s deal has a player option for next year so at the very least, we would be getting off the money a year early.

Another deal:

This deal would be better for Memphis but worse for us. Biyombo, Kaminsky, and a first rounder.  They could take flier on Kaminsky and they’d get a first round pick. Biyombo’s deal is only for two years so their cap space would open up quicker. This wouldn’t be ideal because we wouldn’t be able to get off Batum’s money. However, Kaminsky isn’t playing anyways so getting off of him would be nice. The first rounder would hurt but again that’s the price of doing business. Gasol is a massive upgrade over Biyombo so we’d win there.

I think the Hornets should get in on talks for Gasol. All signs are pointing to us keeping Kemba through the deadline and re-signing him. Therefore, we need to get him some help. Gasol would be an interesting option. Let’s see if we make a move.

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