2019-20 Player Preview: Marvin Williams

Marvin Williams is the perfect role player. That isn’t a slight either. Marv is the type of guy that can fit into any system and fit next to just about any player. Players like these are extremely valuable and I expect him to be a hot trade commodity later on in the season. He’d be really useful for playoff teams such as; Houston, Milwaukee, Dallas, Golden State, etc. Realistically, every team could use a 3 and D forward. Let’s detail what makes him so valuable.

Last year, on the most attempts of his career (5 a game), Marvin shot 36.6% from three. Marvin isn’t a great off movement shooter but for a team with a ball dominant guy that needs someone to spot up, he’s your guy. Last year, he was in the 61st percentile in spot-ups, per NBA.com. He’s knockdown from beyond the arc. I can already imagine James Harden flipping left handed skip passes to Marvin in the corner. The shooting that he brings to the table makes him a huge plus on offense. He’s also just a high IQ guy that knows the tricks of the NBA at this stage in his career. This is important with relocating and just being in the right spots for star players to be able to find you.

Williams also is the type of guy that I think would be able to survive in the playoffs. He can guard both forward positions and his high IQ can help him on the defensive end as well. Around your stars in the playoffs, you need guys that can legitimately play both ends of the floor. In my opinion, Marvin is one of those guys.

Therefore, Marvin should be shopped right now. A trade might not materialize until the trade deadline but I’m pretty confident that he gets moved. He’s just honestly not in our long term plans and our past two first round picks (Miles Bridges and P.J. Washington) will need playing time at the same position that he plays. It just makes all the sense in the world to move him.

Marvin will be a great locker room guy while he’s here and can definitely mentor Bridges and Washington so there’s definitely value in keeping him around. On the court, I think we can expect more of the same. He’ll be a solid contributor and his gravity will make life easier for guys like Terry Rozier, Dwayne Bacon, and Malik Monk. Ultimately though, the best decision is to move him and I fully expect him to be gone by February. Enjoy him while you can Hornet fans.

We’ll miss you my guy.

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