Introducing the Weekend at Hurney’s Podcast

Hello friends!

Here at The QG we are delighted to announce that we have decided to move forward with our Carolina Panthers podcast “Weekend at Hurney’s”. WaH will be ran by Dylan Jackson, Chase Pletcher and myself, Stephen Sears. Expect other guys from The QG and our friends to take a seat every now and then and offer their insight on your beloved Panthers and the league as a whole.

We want to have a steady schedule with this podcast moving forward, hopefully that means getting an episode out every week, but an offseason can be slow, especially during quarantine so we’ll do our best to have quality content out for you all!

Also expect the 11th Pick Podcast to be rebooted soon enough. We do apologize for the disappearance of that.

With that said, in this first episode we jump right in and cover over all of the “exciting” events that our Panthers went through so far this offseason and look ahead to Thursday’s draft. Enjoy!

The link to Anchor if you don’t have Spotify:–Pre-Draft-ed4p74

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